Random Acts of Kindness

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Below is a variety of approaches and approaches that I realize a few of my most eccentric prospects have utilised above the a long time to pick their weekly 'lucky' amounts. They may be fun, unique and frequently crazy, but there is a single factor I are not able to say about them - they are no a lot more helpful at predicting the profitable quantities than me chewing bubble gum to solve algebra!

Sometimes I "dream" a waking dream on purpose. In some belief systems, this might be called a medicine walk. I take some question that is gnawing at me, like "What is my purpose right now in life?" and I go for a walk in nature, and I pay attention. I don't look for an "answer," but I notice what I'm aware of, what moves me. Maybe I find myself lost in my head: what does that tell me about my disconnection from life? Maybe I notice an old, gnarled tree standing out on its own on a bank, and think about how important it is for me to be an individual, to stand on my own, and also to respect the wisdom of the ancients. Maybe I find myself standing on the edge of a creek for a long time, and then ask myself why I am drawn to this liminal space, this line between worlds, and how my purpose in life as a writer and dream-interpreter might have something to do with connecting worlds. Once when I was in the woods asking a question much like this, a bee flew around my body, brushing my skin with its legs, for several minutes. It never stung me, only flew away, and I was left laughing at this simple message: "Don't be afraid. You don't have to 'do' anything. Just be(e)."

On my comprehensive exam, responding to a question about archetypal heroes thwarted in their desire for power, and rotating from wheel to whoa, I wrote of Augie's march through a bleak house of seven gables bellowing from there to eternity in a rant filled with sound and fury signifying pride and prejudice, and demanding the return of his native son.

The same could be said for femtocells. Sure- it might destroy the "traditional" VoIP and POTS markets in a decade or two when 100% of users migrate to 100% cellular - but this isn't going to happen tomorrow or even in the next few years. Let's face it - people have been using the home phone service for decades. Just because cell companies want to push new technology doesn't mean Aunt Martha is going to give up her precious home phone with its four handsets (because we know you absolutely MUST have a handset in the shower too!). Cell penetration is very high among the younger generations, but don't expect mom to throw POTS out the window just yet.